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5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Partner Before Marriage

If you are I a relationship, take note of some things that you should no do before marriage. Otherwise, you'll either regret it when you break up or you'll regret it actually get married

1. Stick to each other 24/7

Come on, you're all individual adult who can function pretty well on your own. Learn to enjoy your personal freedom way before marriage. You will realize that alone time is as important as couple time in maintaining a relationship.

2. Opening a joint account

When you are dating, you tend to be unto the impression that you to do anything together. It is especially so when you 2 actually have married on mind. However fo note that money is always a sensitive even after marriage. Also ( touch wood). Who can actually guarantee the future will go as planned?

3. Take your partner for granted

You may have been dating for years but don't ever treat it like your partner is already your spouse or will be there for you no matter what.

4. Hiding you fear 😱 of marriage

Whether you have plans to marry or not, it is always good to be clear on this. It's a abnormal to be afraid of marriage. So show you fear, explain it and overcome it together.

5. Compare your wedding plans to other

And if your’ve come to the point where you are engaged, please don't ever make comparison to others you can use your friend's wedding as a reference but if you go on and go about how great about their wedding are and how messy yous is, it will not turn out well.

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