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4 Mistakes Most Men Make That Drive Women Away From Them

Every guy has a unique orientation and perspective about life which is quite different from the rest of the other guys. This could be portrayed in his decisions, choices, actions, strength and weaknesses, temperament, character, attitude and lifestyle in general. All these traits combine together to make a man and aswell, determine his chances for him to be able to keep a woman or drive a woman away from him.

    Women do not gravitate to men with certain unfavourable traits that aren't condusive for them. A woman could be in a relationship with a guy for about 3weeks and in a twinkle of an eye, the lady disappears into thin air. In a short time, the guy gets into relationship with another lady and within a couple of weeks, the lady still disappears into thin air with no explanation or reason for her disappearance.

    The guy could decide to explore his curiosity by giving himself a trial with another lady. Within a couple of days, the lady still leaves in perplexity just like the other ladies and he's left with no option than to fall into delusion of himself. He begins to wonder if it's the witches and wizards in his village that have cast a spell on him. He barely comes to realize the fact that there are certain traits he possesses, either in words or actions that drive the ladies away from him.

    Hey bro! This has no affiliation with your village people or mystical powers. The problem lies within you. It's just that you've not had solitude moments to introspect and decipher what the problem really is.

    Worry no more bro! Today marks the end of your rejection by those beautiful curvy ladies you've been wishing to start up a relationship with. The reason why those ladies have been letting go off you could be as a result of the mistakes you've been vague about all the while. This content is an exposition to 4 mistakes most men make that drive women away from them. Trust me, yours could be among the 4. Below is an exposition to the mistakes men make that drive ladies away.

    Number one on the list is the habit of discussing or pressurizing a lady for sex at the first date. Ladies generally do not respect guys that talk about sex on first date. They would see the guy as a sex freak that would only hit and run. They will not see the guy as someone that can make a fruitful and productive relationship.

    Also, the habit of acting or sounding obstreperously in a public gathering is a red flag for you on the side of the Ladies. Ladies see such men as ill-mannered and worthless in most cases. Become that gentle guy with self control who speaks when he is required to and when it is necessary. Don't try to make your presence noticeable at all time just to get attention. Ladies don't find such guys attractive.

    More so, embarrassing or shouting at ladies in front of your friends or in a public is a very fast way to drive them away from you. Ladies are emotional beings and easily get hurt, especially when the embarrassment is in the presence of the guy's friends. Guys that relentlessly do this ought to abstain, else no woman can stay in your life.

    Finally, guys that do not maintain personal hygiene and proper grooming are sure to drive ladies away. Every woman wants a man who she can confidently present to her friends for complements. But when a guy fails to keep himself presentable before the female folks, no lady would want to stick around. Every relationship starts from the face to the heart. Ladies do not crave for you only because you are financially stable. They also crave for that smart chap who they can comfortably hang out with and feel proud and satisfied.

    Beware guys! I hope this content is an eye opener for you.

Content created and supplied by: OtobongE (via Opera News )


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