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7 Body Language Secrets You May Not Know About

Understanding body language can help you communicate with others more effectively and interpret what others are trying to convey.

Here are seven powerful body language secrets you should know about.

1. To boost your confidence, assume a power pose.

Simply holding your body in expansive, "high-power" poses for two minutes increases testosterone levels and decreases cortisol, a stress hormone.

Testosterone is a hormone associated with power and dominance, while cortisol is associated with fear and stress.

Leaning back with hands behind the head and feet up on a desk, or standing with legs and arms stretched wide open, is a power posture.

2. To increase participation, look like you're listening.

Don't multitask if you want them to speak out. Instead, turn your head and torso to face people who are speaking and make direct eye contact with them.

Other non-verbal cues for engagement and attention include leaning forward, nodding and tilting your head.

3. To connect instantly with someone, shake hands.

The most primal and strong non-verbal indication is touch. A human relationship can be formed by touching someone on the arm, hand or shoulder for as little as 1/40 of a second.

The handshaking custom in the workplace creates physical touch and warmth. If you shake their hand, they are twice as likely to remember you.

4. To stimulate good feelings, smile.

A genuine smile appears gradually, crinkles the eyes, brightens up the face and then fades away.

When you smile at someone, they almost always return your smile.

Because facial expressions elicit similar emotions, the smile you receive improves that person's emotional condition.

5. To show agreement, mirror expressions and postures.

Mirroring other individuals with intent can be an important aspect of developing rapport and sentiments of mutuality.

Mirroring begins with observing a person's facial and body gestures and gently allowing your body to adapt comparable expressions and postures.

This will make the other person feel understood and accepted.

6. To improve your speech, use your hands.

Gestures while speaking can help us think more clearly. Brain imaging has revealed that a region known as Broca's area is active not just when we communicate, but also when we wave our hands.

Experiment with this, and you will discover that the physical act of gesturing helps you in forming clearer thoughts.

7. To learn the truth, watch people's feet.

When people try to manage their body language, they primarily concentrate on their facial expressions.

People who are stressed frequently exhibit anxiousness and anxiety through increased foot emotions.

According to studies, when viewers see the full-body, they have a better chance of judging a person's genuine emotional state.

Photo Credit: Google, Getty Images.

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