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My Girlfriend Slept In My Room Overnight, This Is What I Found When I Woke Up (Fiction)

I nearly had an attack, I nearly fainted, hadn't been I knew it would turn out that way, I wouldn't have allowed my girlfriend to sleep in my house, let alone my room. Here is my story;

I was born into a great, and a happy family of 5 consisting of my father, my mother, my siblings and I. I was the eldest, and surely the most loved out of the three children. I couldn't thank God enough for sending me to such great family consisting of great people.

I was sent to one of the most prestigious schools maybe because I was the most brilliant of the three. I was at the university when I started dating my girlfriend, the most beautiful girl I ever seen.

To cut the long story short, we dated till we graduated from university with the aim of getting married after service. My parent knew her as the love of my life, and her parent knew me as the love of her life.

She came to my apartment to spend night on this faithful evening, and even though I had second thoughts, I accepted anyway. We slept peacefully, but when I woke up I found a black eagle bird on the bed.

I jumped up and started praying because I thought my girlfriend was the one that turned to the bird. Suddenly, my girlfriend who was hiding in the bathroom came outside laughing, she claimed she wanted to scare me with the toy bird. I hissed, and angrily went outside.

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