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Be Careful: These 10 Habits Might Keep You Single Forever

When God created everything in the beginning, he saw that it was good but when he created man, he said “ it is not good for a man to be alone so , I will make for him a helper”. So, there comes a time in your life where you will need someone to call your own, a shoulder to lie on and a listening ear at all time.

Your single days are very special periods of your life where you build and shape your destiny the way you want but a time will come you will need someone. There are many people who are getting old and are still single for so many reasons and that what I want to talk about here.

How do you feel when you call your friend and there say ‘I ve got a date’ and you call another to hang out with and they say ‘ I am spending the night with my boyfriend/girlfriend’ . So, the relationship I mean here is the one that has a visible end and will lead to marriage not those types teenagers and youths abuse nowadays with sex all around.

If as a lady, you are above 25, you have no one in your life yet (but there is still hope) and as a guy, you have no commitment even above 35, then there is a course for you to examine certain things.

Many people are single because of the type of qualities there possess. That is why even when play boys in cities want to marry; there will drop down to villages to look for a well trained girl to pick as a wife. If you possess any of these qualities below, change now if you don’t want to be single for the rest of your life.

1.    You demand too much from people

It is very important to know that everyone has their values and ways of life so it will be mature to accept them that way and cope with each other. If you are the type who is not flexible and will always demand for that perfect guy or girl, then you stay long being single. Accept people the way there are if you truly love them and move on with your life.

2.    Your expectations are just too high

Be reasonable with your partners in every situation. This is mainly common among ladies because there will always fantasize and place a big expectations on every relationship there enter. It is one thing to understand that two of you are humans and have limitations. If you are found of demanding to much from people, stop that now because it can keep you single forever.

3.    You date the people who are wrong for you

If you are found of going about the wrong set of people, it becomes very difficult when you want to settle in life. Men, stop dating a woman because of her shape. Ladies stop dating a guy because of his money. When you build yourself up in this cycle, you will find it hard to find the right person to settle down with because you have develop a high taste that the right person might not satisfy.

4.    You don’t pick up  cues

Some girls are still single today because of this common phrase “ who gave you my number “ or “ how did you get my number” how he got your number is not important at this point, as far as you love him, then move on. when you are not self aware, you might not recognize when the right person will come. So many people have missed potential husbands and wife because there could not see and are not self aware. Guys, if a lady gives you green light and you like her, then go ahead, you must not be the one to do the toasting.

5.    You take a pessimistic approach to dating

Dating is not easy and many things are involved but if you are a pessimist who sees failure and a worst end to everything, then you are likely to be single for the rest of your life. there are some people who even belief that entering into a relationship will waste their time, energy, and money but despite it is true when you are still struggling and coming up, a time will come you will need to settle and if you still believe this at that point, you might die single.

6.    You think love is enough to sustain a relationship

This is the mistake most people make that lead to crisis after marriage. Love alone is never going to sustain a relationship. There will be a lot of sacrifices to make, and flaws to accept. compatibility is also another factor to consider if a relationship must last long.

7.    You believe you are too old to be dating

Well this is a wrong idea because I have seen women even in their 30s dating and it even led to marriage same to men in their 40s so don’t believe you too old to find love. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and age is just a number so drop that mentality of you are old if you don’t want to be single forever.

8.    You over complicate things

This is specifically to ladies because men are mostly simple with an anyhow lifestyle but you will see a lady who will want to go shopping, special dinner nights, outing, and other things that complicate dating. Yes we know there are all needed but don’t make it a must if you guy is not up to that level. Love and dating is all about understanding each other and being reasonable and not the other way round. If you are that lady with such a high taste, sorry but you might not see a man to provide all that.

9.    You think love will solve you whole problems

Like I said earlier, the best time you will ever enjoy in your life is your single days, there will be no special time like those days because when you enter into a relationship and start dating, all your attention, time, energy , and feelings will be divided . So cherish and love yourself when you are single, don’t be desperate for love, you cannot attract what you don’t have so love yourself first before finding love outside.

10.  You give sex as a sign of love

Sex is never and cannot be a sign of love. Ladies, if that guy has future plans for you, he will not demand sex from you before the wedding night. There are so many women out there complaining that ‘ he used me and after sleeping with me, he was not longer interested’ but  how do you expect someone to be interested when you have given him that intimacy and benefit of marriage without him marrying you? So if you are there giving out sex all in the name of love, you will continue to give and die single because men don’t value cheap things.

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