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Little Boy Who Ran Over A Chick With His Bicycle, Took It To A Hospital For Treatment [Touching].

Story of this kind hearted innocent boy:

The little boy is said to be six years old from Mizoram.

According to the story of the little boy; HE was riding his bicycle along the road or maybe in a small street around his house as the case maybe.

While driving,he mistakenly ran over a chick, when he noticed it,he felt compassion,he picked up the chick and took it to the hospital with his last money to make sure the chicken received treatment.

Sadly enough I don't think the chicken survived.

I feel his innocence and care for others,that is why I want to pass on a moral lesson with this little story.

I can tell it to you that not everyone can actually do such a things as this little boy.

Only few has good heart in this our days.

I would be sharing with you possible lessons we need to learn from all of these happening around us.

Even the Bible says if we have a heart of a child we would come out victorious.

These is a short story that goes a long way to teach us about love and care towards one another.

Do we still have human sympathy?

Are there still good Samaritans?

In our today's day to day life, so many people if they happen to run you over with a car they could even speed up without caring to come back and check for you.

Moral lesson:

1: Learn to feel compassion for one another.

2: Always try to save a life.

3: Learn to make sacrifices.

4: Whenever you do something wrong that involves someone else,take responsibility.

5: In whatever you do,try your best to make sure things go right.

I hope this passed a positive message to you.

Share with your loved ones if you were touched.

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