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Husband and wife relationship

How The Society Is Responsible For The Pains Of Some Married Ladies In Marriage And The Way Out

It is true that marriage is not a bed of roses, because sometimes, things can get rosy, and other times, they can get tough. Notwithstanding, even though one cannot have it all in marriage, every single man or lady enters into marriage with the expectation and thought of enjoying it instead of enduring it. One may ask, "Why is every married couple not enjoying his/her marriage? Why are some married people swimming in pains instead of having the feeling of fulfilment and happiness?" The reasons are not farfetched.

Directly or indirectly, the society is responsible for the pains some ladies feel and the divorce they practise in their marriages in the following way

Through mounting of unnecessary marriage pressure on adult single ladies. Truth be told, it is not every married lady that was ready for marriage when she got married. Some of them got married due to ceaseless pressure for marriage from some members of the society. Due to individual differences, those who cannot overcome the "heat" would give in to marrying "just" any man that is available and ready for marriage. According to a personal research I carried out on some married ladies, it is only few that would want to marry their husbands again if they are given a chance to choose who to marry. Others felt marrying their husbands was a big mistake that never should have happened. That is to tell you how bad it is.

Some married ladies reading this can relate to this content more than men. To some members of the society, once a lady has graduated from school, reached a certain age, the next thing she should do is bring a man home to show them as their husband. In order to escape from the pressure of their friends and the society, they give in to marrying any available male. At the end of the day, they end up marrying the wrong men. If they can't tolerate the pains they feel, they will use divorce as an escape route.

The way forward.

Allow girl children to marry in their own time and space. Don't put pressure of marriage on them. At the right time, they will definitely marry a man of their choice without being pushed into making the wrong choices. Understand that if is not how fast but how well.

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