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Husband and wife relationship

For Men: Three Things You Should Never Tell People About Your Wife

Most men are fond of speaking anyhow in public about their woman and it is not supposed to be so. As a man, there are certain things you shouldn't say or tell anybody about your woman. Some men are fond of saying or revealing all sorts of things about their women or wives to their friends. There are some ways in which you will reveal too much about your woman and people will no longer have regard for you and her. So in this article, I will be revealing few things you shouldn't say or reveal to people about your woman or your wife.

1. Don't tell people about her ugly behavior at home. Most men are fond of doing this mistake. Because your woman nags a lot doesn't mean you should tell everyone about it, most of those men you discussing with are facing the same issues at home. Some guys do this all in the name of seeking advice but I stand to tell you today that it is wrong. Telling your friends about your woman's flaws will make them lose respect for her. This is because your friends will view her differently.

2. Make sure you don't reveal to your friends how she behaves during s£x. Always note that there are things that are meant to be secret. How on earth will you discuss such a matter with your friend or friends? Whether she does well in the bedroom or not, it is for the both of you to sort out and not for you to take it out and discuss it with some group of friends.

3. Don't tell people about her strength and weaknesses. Telling outsiders about your woman's weaknesses is foolishness. As a man, you need to make sure you secure the secret of your woman.

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