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4 Reasons Why Many Marriages Of This Generation Will End In A Divorce If Care Is Not Taken

Marriage is a very technical institution which requires a lot of work in other to make it go smoothly. Although there are ups and downs in marriage, it is always important the couple make sure they are up for the challenge when a need to fight challenges present itself.

In the days of our parents and grandparents, divorce was not very common. When a couple had any challenges back then, they would look for amicable ways to sort it out without the public knowing that the marriage is in trouble and in the end, why will become happy again. With the new age, things began to change rapidly. We now see couples getting divorced few months after getting married and homes breaking uncontrollably.

Many of this current generation of youths who are getting married have some peculiar traits which may lead to a divorce if care is not taken.

Here are 3 reasons why many marriages of this generation will end in a divorce:

1. Lack Of Trust

Many young couples tend to have trust issues with their partner especially if their partner is very good looking or is the outgoing type. If a marriage lacks trust, a lot of doubts tend to build and this may cause the couple to fall out of love with each other and end up getting a divorce. Another reason why people tend to lose trust is due to a guilty conscience. A guilty person would naturally tend to feel that their partner is doing the same untrustworthy things they themselves are doing.

2. Inability To Keep Marital Affairs Private

Many couples of this generation are fond of doing this. It is not every issue that happens in your marriage you should tell your friends or family members. Too many advices from different people who may not even mean well for you and your partner might make you hate the person you are married to and you may end up wanting to leave the marriage. Learn to settle issues at home because even the people you are asking for advice, their relationship/marriage may even been worse than yours.

3. Unwillingness To Let Go Of Past Life

This is one major issue which causes problems in marriages and often leads to a divorce. Many newly wedded couples tend to forget that they now have a commitment to their partner and as such, they must let go of old habits and past life. If you were used to clubbing, flirting and other acts of youthful lust, you should let go of it if not, it would destroy your marriage. Also, stay away from the people you dated before marriage, they are your past life.

4. Getting Married In Too Much Of A Hurry

Many couples do not take time to properly study who they are getting married to in order to know their true nature. Some people would just meet a person and within a month, they are married. This can cause problems in the marriage because you may not really know your partner very well and when they start exhibiting attitudes you never felt they would have, you may get tired of the marriage and seek a divorce.

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