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3 Signs A Lady Would Show If She Likes You But Is Shy To Tell You

Credit: Womenly

If you notice that a lady is showing you all or some of these signs, there is a high possibility that she likes you but is to shy to tell you.

1. There Is A Lot Of Eye Contact

If she is occasionally making direct eye contact with you, this is a sign that she is comfortable with you and is very interested in getting to know you better.

However, there are some ladies who are also scared of having that eye to eye contact with the man they like. What they do is they stare at you, but once she notices that you're closing in on her, she would immediately stop staring.

2. She Doesn't Know How To Behave When She Sees You

It is well-known fact that the behaviour of a girl would go from good to odd when she's around someone she likes.

She would start to behave in an odd manner like playing with her hair, smiling for no visible reason, and others.

3. Faster Breathing/ She Gets Nervous Around You

When you come in close contact with something you like or something that you've been longing to have, you would definitely have an increased heart rate.

This is also applicable to girls because when they are around someone that they fancy, you would see that they would be breathing a bit faster.

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