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A guy seek for advice as he shares heartbroken conversation he had with his fiancee (screenshot)

A young man shares screenshot of heartbroken conversation he had with his fiancee, this young guy who's name is "Phillip" shared this to his page on social media to seek advice, his girlfriend told him she met his first lover who's name is "Kevin" and they exchanged contact, they eventually meet four other times, she claims she is still in love with him whereas their wedding is in two weeks time. Many reacted to the post he shared, Read below.

According to the young man named "Phillip".

My fiancee wrote to me telling me she had something to tell me, I was worried to hear that and she seems very serious about it, I suggested to go to her place to discuss it with her, but she refused saying we should discuss it here. I insisted I will come over the next day so we could talk about it, but she said no, I told her to go ahead and spill it out, what she told me can paralyzed a man, I didn't believe she could do that to me two, we are even engaged and its two weeks before our wedding, I really need advice on this, I don't know what to do please.

According to the conversation:

The girl wrote to her fiancee saying, "Phillip, I have something important I'd like us to talk about". Phillip then replied her, "What's up, what's wrong, you seem very serious". The girl then replied him, "that's because I am serious". Phillip then say to her, "No problem,, I'll stop by your house tomorrow". She refused by saying, "No let's just discuss it here". Read full conversation below.

Below are the comments that came in after this conversation was shared.

What is this girl thinking about, if you know you still love another guy then you shouldn't have accepted his proposal, after you letting him spend on wedding plan, you came up with some cooked story and you are thinking it will be very easy to forgive you.

My Advice to this guy "Phillip".

I am not sure this is a prank, this is too expensive to be used as prank at this time around, I will advice you to move on bro, let her go if she wants, I know it will be hard for you but just let her be, there is a reason for this, be strong, maybe she's not the right one for you.

If you're this guy what would you do, will you forgive this girl for what she did? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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Stay safe.

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