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6 things you should consider before dating someone.

Love is indeed beautiful but only when yiu are with the right person. Its giod to start a relationship with the perosn you love but before you do, take a look at some of the things you must consider.

1. Date someone who loves, trust and cherish you.

2. Date someone who is mature. Physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually mature. To be mature means to:

- Be at peace with yourself.

- Stop trying to change others and focus on changing yourself.

- Understand that everyone is right in their own perspective.

- Learn to let go.

3. Date someone who handles conflicts with maturity. Someone who lets you know when he is annoyed with you instead of bottling up inside. 

4. Date someone who treats you wuth respect even when he/she is struggling not to scream at you.

5. Date someone who is ready to make compromises because of love.

6. Date someone who knows when its time to be silent. Not sad nor mad but silent"

- in the heat of anger.

- when it is time to listen.

- if he/she would be ashamed of his/her words later.

- if he/she can't say something without screaming 

- if his/her words could damage your relationship.

- if his/her words will offend you.

- if he/she doesn't have all the facts.

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