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Husband and wife relationship

Chase Out Spirit Husband & Wife By Confessing And Praying These Prophetic Words Of Prayers Tonight

Do you know people get married spiritually? Some have been married in the marine and demonic world without their consent or approval. This is what the devil does when he gets a hold of your right and power. He leaves you at a disadvantage so that you can suffer and run to him for quick help that will ploy you into more trouble.

See, spiritual marriages are real. Don't just stand and watch your life get ruined by one of them. The devil doesn't give up when he wants your downfall, hence you won't give up when you pray. You have to take back your authority if you have lost it to him. You have to be war-ready to chase out spirits and demons.

Don't just sit and watch you need to be prayer ready, be ever ready and sincerely ready in prayers to chase out spirit husband, and wife out of your life by confessing prophetic words. Don't relent, or give up on you, God always answers and he turns the situation in favor of us. Therefore, chase out spirit husband and wife by confessing and praying these prophetic words of prayers tonight.

1. I confess that you are my Lord and personal savior and you died on the cross for my sins and iniquities, and this reason I say that, no spirit husband or wife can be associated with me.

2. I'm a divine project and I confess that any marriage ties, bond, and connection I must have had in any marine world, or demonic world, in Jesus name such bond, ties and connections be scattered.

3. Any form of evil children attach to me in any marine world in the name of Jesus die by fire. I speak that a form of connection is broken, be it from my mother's side or father's side be destroyed in Jesus' name.

Thank you father for being the light to my path. I'm victorious in his name in Jesus' name. Amen

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