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Stop Misusing Emojis, Here are the Meaning of Some Commonly Used Social Media Emojis

One of the interesting things about social media is that it is programmed in such a way that you can actually pass your information without typing anything. Just with the use of emojis, Social Media got more interesting than ever.

With the use of Emojis, people can easily express their feelings without actually saying word. Personally, I use emojis on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and they are very fun to use. These emojis can sometimes confuse people because most people don't even know the meaning behind some of the emojis sent to them or sent by them.

I personally also don't understand some emojis, so by research I found out meaning of some commonly used emojis. So in this article, I am going to meanings of some of these commonly used social media emojis.

1. 😒 Unamused face

😂🤣🤣 Face with tears of joy

😭😭😭 A crying face

😆😆 Grinning squinting face

😅 Grinning face with sweat.

😘 Face blowing a kiss

😋 Face savouring food

😛 Face with tongue

😝 Squinting face with tongue.

🤪 Zany face

🤔 Thinking face

🧐 Face with monocle

🤐 Zipping mouth face

🤭 Face with hand over mouth

😮face with open mouth

🤯 Exploding head

😫 Fearful face.

😱 Face screaming in fear

🤒 Face with thermometer

🤕 Face with head bandage

😡 Pouting face

😠 Angry face

💩 Piles of faeces.

🤲 Palms up together

🖐️hands with fingers splayed

🤚raised hand

👌Ok hand

✌️ Victory hand

😵 Dizzy face

🙄 Rolling eyes

😜 Winking face

😇 Smiling face with halo

🤬 Angry face with symbols on mouth

😤 Face with storm nose

🤓 Nerd face

😎 Smiling face with sun glasses

🤡 A clown

🤙call you later

🤟 Filled with gesture.

🤞crossed fingers

👌ok hand



🤝 Handshake

✍️ Writing hands

🤳 Hands with phone

🙏 Folding hands

👦 Man

🧔breaded man


This knowledge might just sound like a very simple thing but I bet you that not many people all around Nigeria have a clue on what some of the various Emojis they use really mean.

Now you have read this article, if you want, you can save it for the future because I know that you cannot stock all these in your head without forgetting the meaning of any one of them. But most importantly share it to your friends and family members so that they will be informed as well.

Content created and supplied by: EnyinnaChidi (via Opera News )

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