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Reasons why fat girls make better wives than slim girls. (Opinion)

What I have to discuss with you guys today is my humble opinion and is not in anyway intended to cause harm to anyone.

Fat girls have been underated in this our dispensation because of their body shape. First of all, slim girls are nice, fun and delightful to be with but I personally think fat girls are more fun and lively to be with.

Below are my Reasons why fat girls will make better wife than slim girls.

1. They are caring and loving:

I have personally experienced this trait about chubby girls. Infact they are one that will take care and pamper you in the relationship. They will do anything to make you happy as long as you are faithful to them. Fat girls love their patners without any reservations. Slim girls will always wait for to do everything to make them love you. You need to hustle hard to please a slim girl because she will always think she is attractive to others too hence you have to double your hustle to please her.

2. They are very industrious and independent:

one feature I like about fat ladies is that most of them are very hard-working both in career and academic. Fat ladies knowing the fact that they are not really attractive and appealing, they focus their attention on their career without divided attention but a slim girl is always fond asking for money from her man at every slight opportunity. This is very common with slim girls because they nuture the feeling you must spend to retain them.

3. They respect their man:

I usually tell ladies around me that what keeps a man in a relationship is Respect and not Love. Every man wants to be respected and admonished by his lady either at home or in the public.

Fat ladies are fond of respecting their men decisions both in and out of the home. My personal experience with some of them makes me wonder why we men don't see these virtues in chubby ladies. Beauty they say can take you into marriage but only your character will keep you in there. Slim ladies to some extent are lacking in the area of respect to their spouse. Most slim ladies will always argue with their Man about how things should be done without respecting the Man's authority as the head.

4. They are very submissive:

The only reason why slim girls always quarrel with their men is because they think they are too alluring and appealing to submit under a man. One thing about fat ladies I really loves is that they know that men hates when their women argue with them, so they always concur to the man decisions even if he is wrong. Submission is what makes a man heart melt for his woman. Fat girls will do anything to please their man and will even do more if the man really loves them genuinely.

5. They never get angry easily:

I can vouch for this anytime and day. The level at which some slim women go angry will make you wondered if anger is in their nature. They are always fond of being right and would never accept their mistakes easily. Please am not praising fat ladies but they are so matured when they are angry, they never get easily provoked when you offend them. One thing I noticed about them is that they want their man to be comfortable with them.

6. They love unconditionally:

If a fat lady loves you, my brother trust me she really does so. When a fat lady is in love with you, she will do anything to please and make you feel special. They don't love you because you give them money or gifts but they love you so much because they want you to make them feel loved because of the way the society sees them. Some of them will even go to the extent of footing the bills in the relationship.

7. They are great and excellent cooks:

well slim ladies are also great Cooks too but I will give the credit to the fat Ladies. This is true because most of them knowing they are not favourites of the type spouses most men look for, make sure they develop their cooking skills and prowess to ensure they have something essential that men need to be happy with them. However most slim ladies do not bother to develop their cooking skills because most of them are so engrossed with looking beautiful, hence they assume their beauty and attractive body is all a man need to be happy in a relationship or marriage.

Please note that the aforementioned reasons are my honest opinions about why many fat ladies will makes better housewives than their slim counterparts. I am not in anyway criticising slim ladies at all. It's just my opinion and observation.

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