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10 most common relationship problems and how to fix them

It is just very lucky couples who don't have any problems at all in their relationship, most people experience at least some mistakes later. The trick is though, to identify problems, if any, and do something about them. Here are the ten most common relationship problems and some ideas on how to manage them:

1. A lack of communication

Many of the problems that can occur in a relationship start with a lack of communication. Don't assume you know everything there is to know about your partner, because people will change over time. Ask questions and take the time to listen to the answers, that's the only way you will be able to truly understand each other and keep the relationship close.

2. Money problems

Money issues are one of the biggest causes of that divorce. Always be honest with each other, when it comes to money, and never try and hide a problem. It is always good for each partner to have a small degree of financial independence, but you should not hide any major income or expenditure.

3. Lack of trust

Trust is an important aspect of a loving relationship, trusting their judgment, as well as trusting them to be honest. A lack of confidence is often caused by insecurity, rather than any tangible causes and that can only be learned. Challenge your mistrust and ask yourself what, if any, evidence there is that they cannot be trusted. If trust really is abused though, that can be very difficult to rebuild.

4. Jealousy

Being jealous of a partner’s success or the attention they are getting can be extremely damaging to a relationship. To fight jealousy, you need to be able to have faith in the relationship, faith in your partner and learn to share in each other’s victories. After all, each of you is only one half of a partnership.

5. Lack of drive in the room

When you first meet, you may not be able to keep your hands off each other, but that rarely lasts. Don’t worry when this happens, it’s completely normal and easily fixed. Don't let the bedrooms get boring, be adventurous and experiment to keep things fresh. Also, don’t forget our old friend, communication; talk about it!

6. Not sharing household chores

Some guys still see housework as the job of women, but given that most women work today it is an absurd attitude to have. The solution? Get off your butts guys and take your part in the work around the house!

7. Feeling trapped

Sometimes you can just feel trapped in a relationship, with no room to express yourself and be with you. It’s important to maintain your individuality, so make sure you both have the space to do your own thing from time to time. Don't be afraid to have your own circle of friends and go out separately sometimes. If you don't, a relationship can start to make you feel stifled.

8. Boredom

In a long term relationship, it is easy to become complacent and settle into a routine that becomes dull and boring. The solution to this is simple, get out and enjoy yourself and make the effort to try new things together.

9. Letting yourselves go

As they say, intimacy breeds contempt, but don't let that happen in a relationship. This one is initially for boys, but girls can be guilty of it too. Breaking the air in bed and not taking care of your appearance, are just two signs that you are so comfortable in the relationship that you think that anything goes. People still want some respect though, so don't forget to make an effort for each other, it shows that you care.

10. Drifting apart

Time is always at a premium these days, but your relationship is important as well. Make time to spend together by taking breaks away or going out for dinner. If you are not careful, you may find yourself spending barely any time together and you may slowly, but surely, disperse.

I hope this article helps bring life into your relationship.

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