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Ladies Matters: Why do some ladies have the following reasoning about Marriage?

Marriage is a blessed union uncovered will lots of fumes and unmerited choice's, but we make positive outcome from it based on how level of understanding and relationship with God.

One best way to leave a right path in your marriage is by following scriptures, the scripture don't lie, ask everyone who have tried this part.

In blessed union there are obstacles and what comes of this, I have come to realize this part in the home builders "Women", you hear lots of single ladies out there engaging in some marital discussion regarding certain house chores and it disgusting to me.

I choose to highlight the woman world today because this was what I came across in the early hour of the day and felt like sharing with you all.

I seriously can't comprehend how some ladies reason when it comes to marriage.

Do you know that, there are group of ladies who claims Feminism that they cannot be a slave to a man in Marriage.

But when ever you confide in them, what they meant by they can't be a slave to a Man in marriage, you will hear them mentioning stuff's like Kitchen deals and house chores.

Going further by asking questions,

1. If you cook and do various house chores you did in your parent house those that make you a slave. No

2. Your mother who have been doing that before getting married and before you were born and bore you, still she does that till date. Does that make her a slave. No

3. On the day of you Traditional and White weeding, what gift was presented to you by your friends and family. Aren't they house and kitchen utensils? Yes

So what's it about making words out of nothing, except you have other objections to that but I would like you to exercise a little patient while you read on.

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If cooking and cleaning your own home makes you a slave, then you are not ready for marriage and shouldn't have a single taught of it. The mystery most people that are single today, especially ladies never seems to understand in marriage is that your mindset goes before you and has a way of affecting everything around you, you have every right at your disposal to be and make your decision but have this in mind, what is to women is to women and what is to men is to men.

I never meant that Men have no role to play in assisting there wife. No. What I am saying here is, just as a woman is a helper and a home builder in marriage so is a Man a helper and a protector of his wife.

Every husband no matter his occupation or how busy his schedule is has the right to pick up a responsibility from home when it comes to assisting there wife in certain physical burdens because women are humans and pride shouldn't be a determinant for love and romance. Having a mutual relationship unravel mutual understanding.

But seeing yourself as a slave for doing this, then you possibly needs to be tutored and that's why I have to bring this up. Your mindset is of essential and needs to be fed with the right taughts not some comic and unimaginable words.

The very day you said I do, that same day you have just picked a free card to continue that which you learnt from your home. That's home training.

What ever you choose to do then, determine how much love you have for your new home and how well you tend to raise your kid's, have this in mind, whatever you tend to do for love is never slavery.

You had a target, face it.

Don't let false companionship lead you through a wrong process, most of your friends who engaged you into such discussions are not doing well in there marriages and are even the real slave's to there husband, having been beaten up 2wice a day like it's a normal routine.

No one prays for a wrong lane all we hope for we can get, if we stick to the right path. Change your taught, change your words, change your ways, this might be one reason you're still single.

Let's know how this affects you, kindly share your thoughts below, and also feel free to share to your friends and family.

This might be of interest and better advantage to someone out there.

Guys Matters' coming up shortly, kindly click on the follow link to stay updated.

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