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(Opinion) Why True Believers Shouldn't Have Boyfriends Or Girlfriends

It is wrong and sinful for true believers to have boyfriends or girlfriends. It is not biblical, and it is not the will of God. God enjoined us in His word to put our flesh under subjection and avoid yielding to the desires of the flesh. He commanded us to be led by the spirit.

It is never mentioned in the Holy Scriptures (Bible) that we should engage in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. It is regarded as a premarital affair, and it is an abomination unto God.

Furthermore, it is an ungodly act, contrary to the will of God, and we must jettison it as true believers in Christ and heirs of the Father.

A boyfriend and girlfriend relationship can result in different forms of temptations and unnecessary emotional trauma. Apostle Paul affirms it in the Bible that it is better to marry than to burn. The Bible stands against sexual immorality and premarital relationship, otherwise called boyfriend and girlfriend relationships.

If you're still single, it is expected of you to wait on the Lord for a spouse. Spend ample time praying to God so that He can reveal your life partner at the appointed time. Don't rush into marriage, or else you will end up seeing your marriage as a mistake or a regret.

The problem with some youth today is that they lack patience in life. Can't you control your libido? Can't you control your flesh?

The boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is not of God, but it is of the devil. It is a lustful relationship that can destroy or damn our soul. It makes us have the desire, urge, and temptation to commit sexual immorality or affair, which is supposed to be meant for married couples, not for unmarried couples or single boys and girls.

In addition, it draws us away from the presence of God. It weakens our dedication and commitment to the service of God, and it could eventually lead us to eternal damnation in hell.

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