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8 Things That Could Make a Woman Go Crazy For You

Becoming the ideal partner is a complex practice that's a bit of a dichotomy. If it were as easy as 1,2, 3, we'd all be Romeos as fast as we could google it. Luckily, how to make a girl crazy for you can be dialed down into a step by step process that you can adopt as a lifestyle practice. You'll get something different out of every time you run through the checklist, and that's the point. Sometimes you'll be left with positive feelings about your performance, and sometimes the opposite. The key is to accept both with equanimity and without harsh judgment of yourself. It takes commitment and daily dedication: not to getting who you want, when you want, where you want, whenever and however you want her, but rather a sincere commitment to being a decent human being. Below are 8 things that make a woman go crazy for you.

1. Impeccable hygiene

So a lot of men don’t realize it or take this very seriously, but one of the biggest ways to attract any women is by being super hygienic. Women appreciate when a man takes care of his hygiene and is conscious of it. Now, don’t go overboard with it, but taking care of how you look and feel is very important, especially when you’re trying to impress a girl. A great haircut, always smelling mind-blowing, taking care of your skin, clean clothes and dressing on point is still a turn on for most women.

2. Don’t be self obsessed

It’s a big turn off for women when men are a little too self-obsessed with themselves. Yes, they love it when men take care of their appearances, but it really puts any woman off when they exaggerate and brag about their own selves. Looking at yourself in a mirror any chance you get, being selfie crazy, always trying a little too hard to look a certain way, etc., is not something any woman appreciates. It only makes them more distant from you. Oh, and don’t be self-centered. At all.

3. Being Irresistible

There’s nothing a girl wants more than a guy who is obviously enjoying himself and completely happy on his own. When you’re with your friends, enjoy laughing and sharing stories. When you’re walking to class, think happy thoughts that put a smile on your face. When you see her, show her that you’re in a good mood, and that you’re not a total downer. You don’t have to fake it, obviously, but you should let her see that you’re a person who is enjoying himself so she wants to be in your orbit. If she sees you already having a great time, then she’ll want to be a part of what you have to offer. If she thinks you need a girl to have a good time, then she’ll think that you’re not quite happy with yourself.

4. Be a gentleman.

Gentlemen are all too hard to come by these days and if you are one, girls will take notice. You don’t have to wear a stuffy suit or act all formal just to show a basic courtesy to women. To be a gentleman, treat women with respect by opening doors for them, caring about how they’re feeling when you’re around them, and generally not being too vulgar or burping or being crude in their presence. Every girl wants to be treated like a lady, and you don’t want to make it feel forced to be a real gentleman. Many guys you know may not have the greatest manners or politeness skills. Stand out from the pack by having good manners and by being polite both to the girl and the people around you.

5. Be well-mannered

Being well-mannered is never going to be out of fashion. Manners and etiquettes are something that people will always appreciate and respect. When trying to win any woman over, being at your best behavior is the most important thing to do. Holding doors open, saying thank you and sorry when required, being polite, keeping in mind the table manners, always paying the bill on dates, being punctual, reach/drive safe texts, not using your phone when you’re with her, etc., may sound old fashioned but a lot of women dig these qualities in a man. Being old school isn’t always a bad idea. Make sure you let her know chivalry isn’t dead.

6. Wow her with your confidence.

Girls love confident guys and naturally gravitate towards them. If you want the girl to really go crazy for you, then you have to let her see how much you love being who you are. Be happy to just be in the moment, enjoy the time you spend with your friends, and just let her see that you’re happy and secure with the person who you are and that you don’t care about what other people think. Many guys are obviously insecure and girls don’t like that; they don’t want to spend their time building you up. If you’re happy with who you are, then the girl will be much more likely to want to be around you.

7. Give her some respect

Nothing has the ability to win the love of a woman like respect. While it takes time to build respect for a woman, striving towards it, is worth the effort. It’s all about being a gentleman. Of course, there’s a difference between being a boy and a man. Boys are show-offs who always want to have their way. Men, on the other hand, know how to treat women right. 

8. Bring out the adult in you

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when dating for the first time if failing to dress the part. No matter your age, dressing casually brings you out as immature and not worth a woman’s attention. You should avoid that at all costs. Instead, put on a well-pressed suit and you will be able to make women crazy about you. In addition to that, work on your general body hygiene.Apart from showering regularly, brush your teeth. Wear nice, fitting clothing, comb your hair and use a little cologne before meeting her. Regardless of the attire you choose, make sure it isn’t too loose or too tight. That way, you are going to catch her attention, for sure.

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