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This Is Madness Not Love – Man Being Insulted As He Advice Women To Always Bath Their Husbands

There are ways and manner love can be expressed, different people have diverse ways of viewing things and this could be the best way this young man can express his view as touching how he or she expresses his love to one another.

Absolutely, love is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. Someone whose strength rejuvenates your weakness, whose perfection makes perfect your imperfection, and whose smile beclouds your tears.

In spite of all these, what was being posted below by a young man could work for some people while it may be the opposite for others. Not everybody has the opportunity of marrying either the best man or woman as a partner in marriage, when you get one then you're being lucky in marriage.

A young man, who goes by the name Chukwuemeka Oji through his Facebook page, expressed that when a man was being treated with some love and care by his wife, the thought of trying to cheat on his wife, would apparently disappear from his mind.

According to the picture that accompanied man's post, a woman could be seen bathing her husband in a bathtub to apparently prove the kind of love, he was referring to in his post.

However, his post received harsh reactions from Facebook users as many regarded him as a mad person for posting a picture of such.

Below are harsh reactions

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