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For Men: 3 Signs of Fake Love You Should Not Overlook In A Relationship

Love is sweet when you meet someone that truly loves you. No matter how rich, tall, attractive, or attractive you are, if a woman does not truly love you, you may be wasting your time with her because there is nothing you can do to force her to marry you. Even if you force her to marry you, you may never be content in that marriage.

What is a marriage if it isn't based on true love? What is the point of a marriage if it isn't joyful? True love makes a marriage beautiful. Money will never be able to replace the joy you will experience when you marry a lady who is passionately in love with you.

It's depressing to learn that some women pretend to love their guys because of their wealth. This type of love is known as "fake love," and it should be avoided. The terrible issue is that some men are completely unaware of this. They adore their girlfriends to the point that they have no doubts about their feelings for them. They will be startled when the ladies they love abandon them later.

If you don't want to be a victim of fake love, pay attention to these signs in your girlfriend when you're dating.

1. Busyness.

There is no such thing as a too-busy woman for her lover. In fact, a girlfriend who cares deeply about her boyfriend will always want to be with him and fulfill his desires.

While it's understandable that your partner is busy at times, persistent complaints of busyness could be a symptom of phony love.

The lovers have time for everything in a well-planned relationship: time for romance, time for love, time for business or work. Before you can claim to be in a serious relationship, you must have studied your girlfriend to know when she is likely to be busy and when she will be free. If you don't know all of these, you should start studying her right now.

If you anticipate your girlfriend to be free and be with you, but she complains about being too busy, but she is not too busy to collect something from you, her love for you may not be genuine, but rather phony. This is not something to be overlooked.

2. Excessive demand of money with no positive contribution to your life or career.

A lady who truly loves you must be able to make a good difference in your life. It could be money, clever recommendations, answers to issues, or encouraging words. If a woman has nothing constructive to add to your life or profession, yet becomes enraged when you refuse to give her money, particularly when you don't have enough, she isn't actually in love with you.

It is not illegal for a woman to demand money from her boyfriend, but when she does it excessively and inconsiderately, the woman's love for her boyfriend is phony. This is because a lady who truly loves you will never want to watch you fall back into old habits. Excessive money demands from a man's girlfriend can put him in a financial bind. No lady who genuinely loves you would want you to go through that. Please don't ignore it if this happens.

3. Using romance as an avenue to get money from you.

Romance is an intimate bond between two loves, not a way to rob a guy of his money. A woman who does this doesn't care about you; she simply cares about your money. That is the definition of fake love.

Please don't ignore any of the above signs of fake love if you detect them in your relationship.

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