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Strange qualities of a strong woman you never knew

All too often today, you hear people use the term 'strong woman' and wonder what exactly this term has come to mean. It has become the standard of defense and applause of what really, is weakness.

Who is a strong woman?

A strong woman is the context, is one who has control over her emotions and logical decisions.

It cannot be farther from the truth to claim to be a strong woman when your actions are driven by a temper fueled sharp tongue. Yet, you find people who want to talk and throw insults around because "they are strong women".

Yes, a strong woman will stand and be heard when she needs to be heard. She will refuse to be a slave but a strong woman also knows decorum and understands the strength in knowing when silence speaks louder than words, and when walking away is stronger a position that standing to fight.

A strong woman is not rude because being strong is not the same as being rude, neither is a justification for it.

A strong woman is intelligent in thoughts and in actions. She seeks facts and works with them.

A strong woman, as a wife stands strong to support and upgrade her man. She supports his dreams and hustle when they are good. She supports his thinking when they can be better.

A strong woman,as a wife, is an integral part of a team called family despite being a unit that can standalone.

A strong woman earns her own financially and when she cannot, earns her own with a sense of it. In the end, a strong woman's presence will translate into better finance or better finance utility.

Being divorced doesn't make you strong, neither does being married, single or being a single parent. You are strong by the strength of your reasoning and actions.

A strong woman is never driven by revenge, jealousy, pettiness or hate.

A strong woman is able to persevere reasonably and her sense of reason is robust.

A strong woman exudes exotic confidence driven by substance, not cheap arrogance driven by the need to show off.

A strong woman is driven by sense not by gender yet when 'sense' means to be driven by gender, a strong woman is able to remain objective not chauvinistic. A strong woman will not play the victim card when she is not one, she will not seek to deflect conversations by shifting blames.

A strong woman knows when she is at fault and is able to apologize for it.

A strong woman is a boss by reasoning and action, not by career or position.

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