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Terms use by young people which every parent should know.

These words and emojis are used by young people who have hideous stuffs

In this age, younger people are more evasive and they try to hide most things from their parents or guardians especially stuffs about sexual intercourse. 

Emojis are computerized characters on mobile phones and computers which show emotions. Short put; emojis are computerized emotions just like the well known smileys which are now out-dated.

Normally, these emojis are not as bad as they look but they are now used in evasively and used for hideous intentions.

Parents are to be on the look out for this words, emojis.

In this article, I'll be giving words and emojis or expressions they use. 


1- bleep or beep: this word actually is a tiny sound of a bird by a phone but used by young people to mean sexual intercourse.

2- air: this is the gas we breathe, which we can't see but used by young people to mean getting high on drugs. 

3- Hala: this doesn't really have a meaning but is used to mean "text me"

4- wet: this has a meaning but used by young people to mean sexually provoked.

5- via: this word means "through" but used to mean "phone" by young people. 

6- Geng: this literally has no meaning but is used by young people to mean "gang" which is to mean their inner row of friends.

7- shaq- this sounds like shark and is used when talking about food. 

8- K: this letter means "thousand" for example, 10k means ten thousand naira.

9- format: this doesn't change in meaning but is used differently to mean the method something should be done.

10- bomb: this sounds dangerous right, but it isn't. This is used to show lies that should be used in whatever they do. 

11- coconut: this means hard drugs.

12- twerk- to shake their behind vehemently.

Simultaneous examples

IG- instagram 

Fb- facebook 

Dawg- buddies 

W42- weather for two 

Lol- laugh out loud 


I'll continue the emojis part in my next article. Just tap on the follow button up on your screen.

Do you know anyone I'm leaving behind, please do well to comment it here and educate us too.

Good day.

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