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OPINION: Ladies be careful, These 10 Signs Shows that a Lady Will Definitely Become A Runs Girl

10 Signs A Lady Will Definitely Become A Runs Girl

Your don't have to be on the road advertising yourself before becoming a runs girl, we now have domestic runs girls, inform of girlfriends.

Without wasting time, here are the attributes showing that a lady will end up becoming a runs girl.

1. She greedily depends on Guys for money

I talked of this before, lady shouldn't always depend on guys for money every single time.

2. She receives phone calls every now and then

This is a very bad habit for a lady in relationship. As a girl, you don't have to frequently receive calls in front of your guy, it's very annoying. It's a sign of a bad girl.

3. She never appreciates little Gifts

Gosh!! Why will a lady not appreciate it when you gift her something? If she doesn't, just know she's becoming a wild girlfriend, probably turns out to be a runs girl.

4. She’s very Lazy

Ahhh!!! We all hate lazy girls, most especially me. Noticing your girl to be a lazy one shows she will definitely become a runs girl.

5. She often begs for recharge card

"Pleas I need card urgently" but after sending her the card, she will never call you. If she's not using that card to call you, just know that she's becoming something else.

6. She Keeps more than one Boyfriend

Most girls thinks they can easily hide this very secret, but we know how to catch them. As a girl, it is a very bad behaviour to keep more than one boyfriend.

7. Posting irrelevant pictures on social media

I can tolerate this a little bit, but it's also a bad habit.

8. Multiple piercing of Ear

I personally hate this one. Why would you pierce your ears like you're going for a typical traditional feast? This is a very bad habit for a girl.

9. Bleaching

This one is the master of it all. If your girlfriend always bleaches herself, beware of danger. Girls who bleach tends to be very bad and arrogant.

10. She bashes a broke dude

They don't like broke guys, it's in their blood. Every girl wants a rich guy. Very bad habit.

Feel free to add or subtract... Thank you.

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