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Captivating Traditional Wedding Styles inspiration For Bride -To -Be And Groom

Here are the latest Igbo traditional wedding attire for Traditional wedding is one of the most popular marriage types in most tribes in Nigeria which Igbo is among. Bride-to-be and groom spend so much time searching for the best traditional wedding attires and costumes for their day. It is not a bad idea to start considering some colors and styles even before getting married. That's why we have made a great effort to help you in choosing the best attire for you either as a bride or groom.

Combination of a befitting colo for Traditional Wedding and Costumes

Your choice of color is one thing that will determine how your environment of celebration will look like, therefore you have to be careful in doing this. Remember that whatever color you are choosing should match perfectly with that of your partner. We discovered that men are seriously falling in love with the color "white" and a touch of their women's chosen color while the ladies are going for their preferred colors.

For your day, you are meant to appear in two attires, first traditional wedding outing attire for welcoming/greeting your visitors, second traditional wedding outing attire for the occasion proper and you will see all of them here.

As the name implies, this is your first attire. For the bride, you can choose to sew a skirt and blouse, Gown, or even tie a wrapper at your chest with either Lace material, George, or other types of Wax types The bride will need to put on her neck, hand, and hair adorned with beads preferably coral beads, and hold her fancy tail. The groom on his side can choose to put on a piece of wrapper preferably George or any other material, with his neck and hand beads, a walking stick, a cap, and hand fan to match.

This Is where you have to put more effort to look gorgeous. I will advise the bride to go for two pieces of wrapper either George, Lace, or Wax types in rare cases, still, the choice is yours because it is your day. Choose a color that is sharp and selects the right style for it, we have done our best by showing you these lovely styles above and we are sure there will surely enhance your beauty.

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