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Do You Remember The Woman That Married A Carpet? See Other People That Did Such Marriage

A very surprising case that will need your opinions. Read to the end and drop your answers and opinion on the question asked.Please like and follow.

Have you ever heard of Objectum Sexual??

This is sexual attraction to objects and non-living things. In 2019, A woman whose name is Bekki, got wedded to her favourite rug who she named Mat. After the wedding, she enjoyed a honeymoon with the mat at her home situated in Greater Manchester.

During the wedding service, Bekki while dressed in a white wedding gown promised to care, love and honour Mat till death do them part.

Bekki made a revelation that she had bought the rug a year earlier and that she uncontrollably developed feelings for it. She fell in love with it and was always telling her friends and whoever came to listen.

According to her,

At this time, she was already a mother of two kids. She claimed that when they were asleep, she spoke intimately with her mat and share the most private moments with it.

She said;

During the wedding a lot of her family and friends were in attendance.

The Couple tied the marriage knot at a special church service that was hosted by the celebrant at The Independent Fitters store, a carpet store near Bekki’s house located in Stockport.

As funny as this might sound, Bekki is not alone in this type of sexuality. There are a lot of persons who feel attraction for unusual things. Doing a research will show you people who had gotten married to ,lamp stands, animals, chandelier and even with the Statue of Liberty!

See more pictures of bizzare weddings below:

Photo credit All photos used were sourced from Google images and used for illustration.

What do you think about this?. Is this a mental disorder? Or Is it a good thing?

Please your comments are highly welcomed.

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