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Husband and wife relationship

5 Things A Man Should Never Allow His Wife To Do

A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. A marriage is a blessing from God when a man and woman come together as a husband and wife. 

But in marriage they need to be understanding and trust her for the marriage or relationship to move forward. As a man, there are some things you aren't supposed to allow your wife or girlfriend to do if you want to keep a healthy relationship or marriage. 

Here Are 5 Things A Man Should Never Allow His Wife To Do. 

1. You should never allow your wife to borrow money from your friends. It is very important. If you are having a shortage of money at that particular time, it is best to ask for money from your friends or family members, then allow your wife to do the same. If you are so in need of money, you are a capable person and a man to do that. Never let your wife do it because some friends might use this opportunity to take advantage of your shortcoming.

2. Never Size Her Freedom

Some husbands at times try to cage their wife or limit her freedom and independence. This is not good. You should allow your wife to take some decisions on their own. Never force your wife to do things she doesn't want to do. If you don't allow her to have that freedom and independence, it is a marriage, not a prison.

3. Don't Force Her To Prepare Food For You And The Family Without Giving Her Money

It is the man's responsibility to take care of some fundamental things in his household. Before going to work in the morning, plan things your family will eat or, if possible, drop some money with your wife. 

Never leave the house without planning things, most especially when it comes to preparing food. A responsible man should always know what to do when it comes to food planning and activities in his home unless your wife chooses to take responsibility for the food bills at times.

4. Never allow your woman To Do All The household chores by herself. You can also join in the household chores when you are free to support your wife in doing one or two things. Even if you are not always available, try to assist your wife, so the work stress won't be much on her side. 

5. Never allow your wife to dress irresponsible. Remember her, she's now married and doesn't need to be dressing funnily. Never allow your wife to dress inappropriate, never turn a blind eye to this, she is now married, and she needs to dress like one. 

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