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Can women proposal be right?

I know question would have been bothering inside of you, who is meant to propose either the man or the woman.

Most of us had seen, mostly in films and pictures of the proposal of woman to man which we think it is so ridiculous to do such thing. What we knew was that of man to woman which we think is the best and anything aside is forbidden.

Am sure allot of people saw the video circulating online about the proposal from a lady that was rejected by her man. The guy refused. It is just funny because allot of ladies have been doing this, some successful and some rejected.

Most of us might have another thought about this but for me it isn't appropriate. What makes me say that is simply because or probably the society or way of life which we've seen.

But ladies,😕 what gives you the courage!!

Men:🙏 let's discourage🙅 their courage and let's see what happens.

Readers, what is your take on this?

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