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When a guy is like this, it will be difficult for a girl to leave him.

Caring is the act of displaying kindness and concern for a partner in terms of a relationship.

There are different ways of showing someone that you love and care for them.

I will be precise by saying that, as a guy, it's the level of how you care for your girl that will determine her gravity of love for you.

If you genuinely care for a girl, then there's no need to tell her that you care for her. Your commitment will able to convince her that you care. 

There is nothing sweeter in a relationship when everything is going smoothly, those who have fallen before understands this.

Every girl expects care and tenderness from their guy and being loving and caring would bring lots of happiness to their everyday living and the relationship. 

If you are that type of guy, it will be hard for your relationship to face hardship. After all, no girl would want to be with a guy who is not loving and caring. So be a caring guy and it will be very difficult for a girl to quit relationship with you.

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