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I thought I was in love with my best friend until I discovered this horrible thing he did (fiction)

Gabriel and I had been best friends for three good years, he was always a delight to have around, I secretly thought but never admitted, he was also a pleasure to look at.

He was tall, handsome, intelligent and soft spoken. Contrary to what people think the taste of girls are, I was never one to like bad boys. I prefer guys calm, honest and sensitive, Gabriel fitted all the criteria. Over the period of time we had known each other, I had been in and out of a few unsuccessful relationships. I always wished he'd just ask me out. I could tell we'd be great together as a couple because we were great as friends and loved each other's company. Another reason I wished he'd just ask me out was because it was obvious he liked me.

He gushed occasionally over how gorgeous he thought I was, he kept so many pictures of me on his phone that you'd more easily think it was mine than his. He always checked up on me and did his very best to raise my mood when I was feeling low.

As a matter of fact, a common friend of our's informed me that he had even admitted in confidence to her, that he had feelings for me.

He however could never muster the confidence to say this to me. I respected that it was his choice, and I was also going to let him decide to make a move whenever he deemed it was right at his suitable pace. 

On one fateful night, I had to stop by at his place because I had found myself in his area when a very heavy rain started to fall.

One thing led to another, we mutually couldn't control ourselves, it was dark, cold and quiet and we ended up having love.

Though my memory of the moments leading to it were fuzzy, I enjoyed being with him so much and I didn't regret a single bit of it.

However, after that moment, to my greatest shock, Gabriel began to avoid me. He didn't reply my texts or calls, avoided me whenever we almost met in person and started taking long trips without informing me.

I was deeply hurt that Gabriel would do this to me despite the fact that we hadn't even started dating yet. I trusted him enough however to still convince myself that something different was wrong. I was going to find out what the real issue actually was. So I logged into his Facebook account (at some point he had accessed it on my phone and saved the password to my Gmail). I searched through his messages for mentions of me but nothing major explaining his recent attitude towards me came up.

I however noticed a recurring notification of people reacting to a certain post he had uploaded to a closed group. The group was some sort of online co- therapy organization, where people vented about things bothering them while other members rendered kind words and advice. My curiosity peeked upon discovering what the group was about and I couldn't help but wonder about what Gabriel had posted there.

My heart sank heavily when I finally found it. His post read;

"I did something very horrible to my best friend, I used a native charm to get her to sleep with me because I couldn't help it anymore. I didn't know how to tell her I had feelings for her, that was what prompted me to do it. I don't think I can ever look her in the eyes again. Should I let her know about this and ask for forgiveness?"

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