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8 Signs that Your Guy is No Longer Interested In You

It can be an awful and very difficult feeling to think that someone you thought was interested in you is no longer interested.

In this article, we will talk about some signs that strongly shows that your guy might have lost interest in you.

1.your gut ;

In a relationship when you suddenly feel something is not right and feel insecure or unsure of yourself that's not like you.

If you keep wondering and asking your friends for their opinion about his behavior, it is a good sign you gut is telling you he's losing interest in you.

2. He doesn't protect you;

When a man is committed to a woman, he goes out of his way to protect her because it comes naturally to him.

Once he stops defending you in front of people that critize you then it's a sign that he doesn't care about you again.

3. He complains always about whatever you do;

This is a clear sign that a man is losing interest in you when he regularly nags about what you do even when you are doing the right thing, it shows that he is irritated by you .

4. You are the only one putting in any work effort;

In a relationship, both partners work together to see that the relationship works out, but once the lady puts in more effort to keep the relationship why the other acts care free it shows he's no longer interested.

5. He cuts your time together;

He's still spending time with you and taking you on dates, but he's always ready to end the evening.

A man that loves a woman finds it very difficult to cut short their time or moment together. If it happens for some obvious reasons maybe a very urgent and important appointment it's okay, but if it continues to happen then it signifies something bad( lost of interest).

6. His body language change;

Once a guys feeling changes his body language changes as well. If a guy loves a lady, he stares at her, plays with her, jokes with her and even flirt with her alot even in public but if he avoids eye contact, hand holding and doesn't behave as if you are present then it's a sign that he is losing interest in you.

7. He doesn't prioritize you;

If he suddenly stops prioritizing you maybe because he says his busy with work, needs to catch up with his friends or go to the gyms but constantly fails to make out time for both of you which was never that way before,then there is a possibility that something has changed.

8. He's just not as interested in what you have to say;

He used to pay attention when you talked and remember the small details, but now it's like his eyes glaze over when you are talking and later he will blank out on conversations you know you had with him.

In every relationship, many things can cause change in a guys behavior but once it's constant then it should be looked into.

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