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Husband and wife relationship

10 Reasons Why Your Wife Wants You To Return Home Before Dark

Some men go out very early in the morning and come back home very late. It may be due to your job but your wife definitely does not like that. She wants a family bond at night and also to have time with her husband. Men, here are 10 reasons why your wife wants you to come home early before nightfall:

1. The night is the most intimate time. Who you give your night to, is your priority. If your wife and your children are your priority that you need to be around them at night.

2. She wants your children to bond with you before they sleep. Perhaps, the children are disturbing up and asking about their dad, so she'd want you to come home early so that you can be with them before they go to bed.

3. You are the King of the house so your presence at home is needed as head of the home. That is your duty and you need to do it on a daily basis. The little time you have to spend with your family you need to behave like the head.

4. She wants to catch up with you and know how each other's day has been before she gets tired and sleeps. If you come late then she might have slept unfulfilled knowing fully well that you will be going out very early the next day.

5. To make love to you. At night is when she often feels horny, touchy, sensual, and in need of attention. That is the best time that you need to be with her if you don't want to lose her.

6. To end the day right. She doesn't feel okay sleeping without sufficiently talking with you. That is the best time she needs you by her side and you need to be there.

7. Because your home is not a lodge that you go to late in the night just to sleep. This means that you need come home early so that you enjoy the company of your wife and your children.

8. To pray with you. Prayer needs to be allocated to time. After the stress of the day, you need to come together and pray as a family before you go to bed. As the head of the family, the prayer is supposed to be organized by you.

9. To eat with you and the family. She always wants to eat with you at night and get your praises for her well-cooked food. It shouldn't be that you come home very late and you start eating alone when your family members are asleep.

10. To know that you are safe and fine. You are a grown man but she'll feel safe when you are home, lying on her thighs or bosom, cuddling with her. By that, she would know that her man is very fine.

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