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5 Things to ask yourself before asking someone out

It’s such a great feeling you get when you see someone and find yourself imagining a future with them. I am not asking you to ignore that feeling; accept it in every way. But before you act impulsively; just rest and think, because you could end up with that beautiful painting you painted or a hasty catastrophe. Everyone hopes for the former, but there is an equal chance that the latter will happen as well. So it is always a good idea to consider a few things instead of rushing blindly or even asking them.

1. Is it just an passing infatuation?

Just that you have withdrawn without their help does not guarantee a possible future with them. Chances are it turns out to be just a flying fascination, which inevitably fades over time. And how exactly do you rate it? Honestly, better understanding betrays you in such situations, but you have to understand. Think about what attracts them; if everything you think about how you look, you will need to review your plans for them. Do not give up completely; get to know them a little better, in a non-dating scenario; for there is no such thing as meeting judgment. Always choose someone with whom you can have a future, chasing someone endlessly is not right for you, nor for the other person.

2. Do you have anything in common with them?

This is not entirely necessary, but it is a kind of extra benefit, especially in the early stages of a relationship; perhaps even helpful when planning your first date. For example, if you both love sports, or you like the same movies, or you have a similar taste in music, etc., you know exactly where to go and what to do, greatly relieving the pressure of a first date . This turns out to be quite helpful because the things you have in common allow you to connect and spend more time together.

3. Do you have threatening differences?

Differences can be as harmless as supporting different teams in a game or as great as opposing ways of life. The differences will not start the way as long as you take care of it. No two people are exactly alike, which is why you always encounter opposing views, which is perfectly normal. This is something you do not usually know until a later stage of a relationship, but in some cases you may find out before anything starts. You do not have to worry about such a thing, because in most cases you can live with the changes and work around it. But if you are not sure, it would be best to fire the whole idea and even give it a kick. It makes no sense to start something, just to end a problem of which you have always been aware.

4. Are they on the same page as you?

This is not important again, but it is better if the feelings are mutual. That said, even though the feelings are not mutual; does not make it a termination of agreements. Make sure they are not interested in anyone else because it does not work to your advantage. It is also possible that the person you are interested in is not seeking intercourse. In that case it is not harmful to follow them, but know the difference between following and twisting and never go the other way. What can help here is getting to know the reason for their reluctance and finding a way to reassure them.

5. Can you make it last?

If you do not think this is even a problem when looking for someone out there, you may need to reconsider. Don’t get into something temporary, if you can’t see a future with them, you probably won’t have to be with them to get started. If you spend enough time with someone, you develop emotional dependence on them, among other things. Other things can be taken care of, but emotional dependence is very difficult to fix when things go south. It may be that you have never been sure of what you wanted from a particular relationship, but your partner is already planning ahead, which would leave you confused and disappointed. So again, I can not stress enough, if you can see them in your future, only then should they be part of your present.

It may seem unnecessary to some people to even consider these things before asking someone, but it can actually save you from making the wrong decisions, bearing in mind that these decisions never affect you alone; but also the people involved. Everyone said and concluded, if you are not sure yet, trust your instinct in such matters and you can end up with who you should be.

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