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How to get everything you want in life.

Do you have a dream?

Do you want to be an important personality in the society?

Do you find it hard and difficult to see your desires fulfilled?

Life is not easy, so you think and you're right. For your thoughts have great power over your life and your reality. You're exactly what you think you're. Nothing more nothing less.

In this article I will outline those things that you need to do, if you are to get everything you want in life. Your attention is needed here at its fullest.

Before I take you down the road to getting the things you want in life let me share with you my story of how I become an opera news creature.

First of all, my name is Peter B. Mamza. I am naturally a curious boy when growing up. But I find it hard to read let's alone write, and I have a dream of becoming and auther and a good writer.

Burning with this desire, I start learning how to read and write. I can still remember when one of my cousin sister saying to me " peter, you are really smarter than you look. Keep on trying on and you will surely learn to read." I hold onto her words and thanks to my aunty who helps me a lot with reading lessons.

I was twelve but couldn't read a single sentence clearly. But as time's goes on, and as I keep reading books, I biggin to read with some efficiency. I rad lots of articles mostly on the subject of the mind.

My secret of learning how to read lies in one sentence I rad somewhere. The sentence goes like this: " the best way to learn a language is to use the language."

Practice is the best and only way to getting what you want in life. But how can you get want you don't Know you want?

The way to getting what you want is by knowing exactly what you want. You have to know what you want exactly. You have to decide on what you want before you can go on on getting it.

what do I want? is an important question you must ask yourself if you to get what you want. In my on case, what I want was how to read write. I want to be a good writer. And opera has given me that opportunity to work on that.

Practice makes perfect. You heard it said by almost everybody. But it's the real truth. Research has shown that when you do something over and over, neural networks or pathway is created in your brain. Neural plasticity makes this even clearer, everything can be learned when enough time is put in practice.

Practice can be done physically or mentally. You can you practice your desired skill by physically or mentally doing it. By mentally I mean closing your eyes visualizing.

It is believe that using your mind to practice your skill or see yourself having what you want is the best way to getting everything you want in life. But combining both is the fastest way.

Setting goals are very important when it comes to getting what you want in life. Success is goals, and all else is commentary, said Brian Tracy. And he goes on to say that your ability to set goals is the master skill of success.

In setting goals, you have write them down, make list of things to do to get the goals materialized, give a deadline, and turn that list into a plan to be acted on. After doing that, make sure that you make a commitment to do something that moves you closer to your goals. My commitment to becoming a good writer is by sharing what I learned by writing them. This will get you trouble. Some will think that you're just trying to show off.

Every morning you wake up, think about your goals and see yourself achieving them one after the other. Every night just before you sleep off, do the same. This will a trong message to your subconscious mind that the goals are of great important to you. That will make your subconscious mind work on ways to see them materialized.

Your subconscious mind has untapped potential for goals achieving. Its always look for ways to fullfil your wishes. This is way visualizing is very powerful in achieving success.

In a nutshell, to get what you want in life you have to know exactly what you want, make it a goal, write the goal down, make a list of things to do to get that goal achievable, and turn that list into a plan. Use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. You do that by mentally practice or see yourself having what you want. Use the early time of the morning and last time of the night by thinking about your goals.

If this article is helpful, please let me know. Your feedback is very important.

Also, any idea that will help is welcome...

Thanks for your time.

Stay safe!

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Peter B. Mamza


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