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OPINION: 5 reasons people cheat on their partners

Cheating is very common in most relationships. Some people are serial cheats who cheats in every relationship they're into ,why some slowly find themselves being pull into this situation by some factors. Why do people cheat?

Below are 5 reasons why people cheat?

1. Commitment issues

One of the most obvious reason why people cheat is because they're not really serious about the relationship they're into . They're just not ready or willing to commit to only one person. They don't like the feeling of being tied up or settling down with only one person. Therefore, they see themselves free to go out with other people without caring about the emotion of their committed and faithful partner. 

2. Revenge 

Sometimes people cheat out of the desire to get revenge. Some people when they discover their partner cheated, they feel hurt and betrayed, and might decide to make their cheating partners go through the same emotions by cheating on them so they can understand the pain they caused them in the first place. "It simply like saying ," You hurt me, so now I’ll hurt you back”. This is usually the driving thought behind retaliatory infidelity.


They're are some who may be committed to their partners but somewhere along the way, they are tempted to cheat out of curiosity. They want to see what it's like to explore other horizons just for the sake of finding how it would feel to date an office mate or just a guy or girl in the street nearby. Perhaps it's the allure of something new and exciting that tempts them to take on what is actually cheating but to them it's just a mere challenge.

4. Neglection by partners 

There may be times some people feel neglected by their partners. When certain needs and desires are not met in a relationship, people tends to stray. They may look for other to help them further what they own partner can't. However, this people may only be focusing on their partners shortcomings and can't see what they have to fix within themselves in a relationship

5. Disappointment in the relationship 

Some people enter into relationships with unrealistic expectations about the union and the relationship.They usually think everything will be smooth sailing and so when some unfavorable situation emerges, they find it difficult or impossible to handle. They may also begin to find flaws of their partners and turn them off to find other people who they think can meet their expectations of how a relationship should be.

 Many people who cheat love their partners and don't want to hurt their partners, so many cheaters do everything possible to conceal their infidelity from their partners. 

Cheating is hurtful but it shouldn't have to lead to the end of a relationship, forgiving a cheating partner and covering loopholes will help make everything work better.

Knowing what motivate people to cheat can help you take a closer look at your relationship in order to put an end to any temptation.

What are the other reasons why people cheat? please drop your comments

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