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I Want To Marry A Woman Who Has These Qualities (Personal Decision)

Good day!

Today, I will reveal one more secret (top) about my myself. I know many may be eager to know it and I hope it will benefit many.

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Let me begin by saying a woman makes a life of a man colourful. Without women, I can't imagine how life will be. I conclude by saying that everyone should respect women and never take them for granted nor take advantage of their weakness. They are like beautiful flowers that everyone will like to spend time around. I love women but I just have to end up pairing with one in marriage.

Although women are lovely and beautiful like flowers that produce sweet scent and beautify the environment, not all of them are like that. Some are wolfs in the body of sheeps. Some are corrupted and have become thorns. Very unfriendly to live with.

I noticed that almost every man has a special attributes he desire in a woman which he must see before marrying her. I have something special too that I will like to see in a lady before proposing to her. I will share them with you shortly but I hope you will reveal yours to me too 😆. Before then,

When I was in the university, my friends always recommend ladies when the taste their food. To us then, the better you can cook, the more we recommending you to guys as a "wife material" but now I see something more than that. Infact, I wouldn't bother if a lady can't cook well; in as much as she has those attributes I desire, cooking is not a big deal. I can cook so I will teach her how to.

If you marry because she can cook, it means you marry a "cook"; if you marry her because she can keep the house neat and clean, you've married a "house keeper". If you marry her because she can give birth to children, you've married a "baby mama"? All these are good and I desire them too but these aren't my priority. Now see my priority:

1) My girl must be a lady that knows the purpose of her existence.

2) She must be committed to living for the purpose.

3) She must have the fear of God.

4) She must be matured in understanding; able to raise children.

5) She must know the purpose of marriage.

6) Honest and obedient girl

7) Willing to listen and to learn

The five above are my top priority but see other below:

8) Beautiful of course

9) Good cook

10) A clean and funny girl

11) Shy type but not too shy

But the question is; can I find such a woman? Whatever the answer maybe, I have committed myself to searching for one and I know I shall find. I love you ladies. You are beautiful flowers I always like to have around me. You are too important to men that we can't do without you wether we marry you or not.

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