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Some guys are wicked; see screenshot of what a guy did to his girlfriend who broke up with him

Its really surprising how the ones we once felt so close to totally turns to strangers. How the ones once responsible for our smiles now bring a lot of sorrow just with the mere thought of them.

The Relationships in real life are far from what we see in movies.

As a guy, you meet that special girl that catches your attention, you begin to like her and so the chase begins. After so much persuasions and lies, she finally agrees to date you.

Then after a while, the misunderstandings starts to creep in, the girl you invested so much time, energy and even money into, suddenly loses her touch.

Then comes the break up

This circle keeps repeating itself and of course it also happens with the ladies.

It keeps happening until the right one comes. But in the case of this two lovers, I really think the guy went just too far.

See a screenshot of their conversation below.

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