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Two lessons to know from what Reno said about girls who go after guys because of money

Many women today most especially ladies who refer to themselves as slay queens have left an awful impression on some guys who would love to be in a relationship with them. This impression in most cases could be due to monetary issues. Some of them believe that any guy who is not financially stable can not afford to pay for their daily bills, food, or accessories.

This very case has been the reason why most men find it difficult to maintain their relationship or better still, avoid being in a relationship without gaining financial stability. You would agree with me that the salvage attitude from some girls, constitutes more reason why most men decide to work harder for money instead of going after girls or rather slay queens who would still refuse their proposal in the future. 

A few hours ago, media personality Reno Omokiri made a tweet on this earlier while referring to girls who go after men because of the financial benefits involved. According to him, the mentality of some women is the reason why they marry men they do not love for them to get what they want. These things they want could be clothes, a new set of jewelry, a phone, cream, rent, or hair.

From this post made by reno, I observed two beneficial lessons which I will share with you in the rest of this article.

1. Women who accept proposals from guys due to financial benefits sometimes end up with the wrong man. This is so because some men who present money to a lady may want something in return thereby not loving the lady in question genuinely. 

2. Most guys who are victims of slay queens may end up going to any length possible to make money thereby seeking a wrong route that might destroy their future. My humble advice is for guys to wait patiently for their own time and not to let any woman be the reason for their downfall.

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