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How Women And Men Communicate Differently

I looked at many articles that have been published on self-development and psychology. I found out that women and men communicate differently

They describe women and men as different creatures who don't communicate the same way.

This shows that the difference between gender is a result of their character, rather than their upbringing.

Men and women communicate differently because of the way their minds are wired.

The brains of women are fitted for duties that have to do with communication than the brains of men.

The brains of men are designed to react more to their sense of sight and use logical skills. Men love taking action than talking, whereas women enjoy talking.

Ladies find it easier to express their emotions than men do. Men can hide their feelings because they don't talk much.

Whenever a business organization is searching for a worker who can talk to customers and build connections with them, they usually employ women.

They believe that women are naturally gifted with communication skills.

That's why women are employed as secretaries and customer care agents. Some also work as school teachers and nurses.

Male job seekers will need to demonstrate that they have the required communication skills, while women are considered to have them naturally.

Some female jobs rely on compassion and communication skills, while male jobs rely on skills to analyze complicated strategies.

This explains why a lot of nurses are female, and many lawyers are male.

However, a compassionate nurse might cause injury if she's unable to administer drugs well. She also needs to perform systematic medical decisions.

 A lawyer who is knowledgeable in law without communication skills and abilities in reading people's minds might not go far.

A man's purpose for communication is likely to be about achieving results, while a woman is likely to use communication to build relationships with others.

Men are interested in getting information, but women are interested in connections and emotions they share with people.

Men use communication skills to be competitive and demonstrate their intrinsic desire to gain respect, while women are interested in making friends.

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