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Pregnancy period

For Men: 2 Ways To Maintain A Connection With Your Wife During Pregnancy Apart From Lovemaking

Lovemaking is an important aspect of every relationship, because, without it, the relationship may suffer some setbacks. However, pregnancy can come with challenges that make lovemaking a difficult task for many couples. This period can be a torrid time for both partners especially when it is the first time. It can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions with bouts of morning sickness, an ever-increasing waistline and raging hormones for women.

Couples who don't make intimacy a priority during pregnancy may likely become distant from each other emotionally. In such cases, other forms of intimacy can play an important role in maintaining the relationship bond. Here are two ways you can maintain a connection with your partner during pregnancy even without lovemaking;

1. Maintain emotional Intimacy

If there is any time emotional intimacy plays a role in a relationship is during pregnancy. It's quite common for couples to have arguments every now and then during pregnancy. It's important to realise that becoming emotionally closer to your partner during that period is a great step towards maintaining your relationship strength and connection.

Talk to your partner about how she feels about being pregnant and what's to come, the positives and negatives. Try to talk in a way that explains your views rather than blame your partner. Talk about your hopes and dreams for your family and what rituals and traditions are important. In this way, you can create an emotional connection with her that can maintain the relationship bond throughout the pregnancy period even without lovemaking.

2. Listen and observe

It is one thing to hear your partner and it is another to listen. When talking to your partner, make sure you listen and understand what she wants from you. Before moving on to another topic of discussion, verify that all parties feel heard. Listen to the words and language used, reflect on the body language exhibited, and welcome any follow-up discussion as needed.

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