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Interesting ways to make your man jealous.

1)Make remarks on his best friend: make compliments on his best friend,this will make him to start thinking whether you are falling for his best friend or you are getting bored of him and he will get jealous.

2)Go to a party with your friends:this is a very good step, many guys are always burdened when their girls go somewhere without them,they will feel that if they go out,a guy will start hitting on their girls and it may lead to some thing unexpected,so try your best to do so and you will notice efforts in your guy.

3)Start speaking about your ex:a good way to make him jealous is to be speaking about your ex.Say it like your ex is trying to get you back and there is a possibility that you two may get back together, your guy will immediately start trying to fight for your companionship.

4)Make him struggle for your attention: if he gives you a phone call,try not to answer his phone call quickly, just delay him a little.When you do this,he will start to think that there is someone much more important to you than him which will immediately make him to start struggling for your attention.

5)Post pictures of you on social media:always do this frequently, especially posting picture of you having fun in a party and mostly with guys.This will make him jealous because he isn't always part of your life.

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