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Every relationship starts with friendship, nice questions you could ask a girl you have a crush on.

Every relationship starts with friendship. So, If you're having a crush on a girl, and probably want to start from somewhere, the following are all some nice questions you could ask her that will take the friendship to a deeper level.

(1). What’s your name? If she's kind enough to tell you her name, the next thing is just for you to briefly introduce yourself to her.

(2). Do you live around, or here for a visit? 

(3). What is your dream job? Every individual has a passion for something. Getting a girl to talk about something she would love to do, and probably giving her some words of encouragement at the end, would create a good impression.

(4). When is your birthday? A girl who loves celebrating birthdays would be glad to talk about it, and probably invite you for her next birthday, or ask you to get her a gift.

(5). How do you celebrate your birthday? It's something that comes once a year, so, she will be glad to share some nice memories with you.

(6). Do you use social media? It's one of the best ways to start if you want to add a girl on social media and chat with her. However, don't be too eager to get the username.

(7). If you were in a band, what instrument would you play? If a girl could sing or not, every individual has a particular musical instrument they love, she would talk about it.

(8). Do you like coffee or tea? What's your favorite food? It's also a good way to start if you want to ask a girl out.

Asking questions that would lead to a meaningful conversation is one of the nicest ways to start if you are having a crush on a girl.

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