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Ladies, Don’t Get Married Till You Do These Ten (10) Things

As a single lady,you must have found out that most married women complain of how single girls live their lives and if you're not actually in a relationship with someone, in the future you'll settle down.

There is no doubt that freedom of yourself is restricted after you marry since your responsibility increases and you must care for another person.

So before you commit to anyone, check the list of things to do before getting married:

1. Make new and good friends

If I say good friends, this specifically means those who are at your side when life becomes difficult, a responsible shoulder where you can count. It's really difficult to find a good friend around you, and if you find one, please keep them.

2. Try going for blind dates.

Not only a man! Try to make your heart realize what its taste is actually. After all those cheesy and spicy experience you might find out how you would adapt with the one.

3. Be an independent woman.

You are young and it is quite reasonable now to take all of your lives' decisions, to work, to do your own work, to live alone and to take on all your responsibilities. Life teaches you a lot of lessons, pays rents and charges of your own.

4. Try cooking nice and delicious meals.

You should occasionally prepare some nice and delicious foods you've never tried before. You learn new secret skills from your meals that help you develop trust and confidence.

5. Know your true self.

You could enjoy bubbling, but at some point this habit will irritate you. So it is better to learn about what situations you would like to get used to and stay away from. Living is all about yourself exploration.

6. Fall,fail and learn.

If you don't meet the wrong person,you will never learn the uncertainty of life. As a girl, fall for the wrong man and will show you the fear of your heart, and lead you to the right direction of heart.

7. Spend Quality time with your parents.

You don't have to be too expensive with the food list to take a party for your parants at home or you just could take them out to the beautiful restaurant. For your parents, your little effort will be enough. In this planet, there is no better feeling than to spend time with your mother and dad.

8. Start keeping a diary.

Create a diary and write down everything things you don't want to forget and keep it forever. "Dear diary," are the words that you recall as you grow up.

9. You should Know why you want to get married.

Are you loving somebody, and wanting to live with them throughout your life? Do you think that as you get older you have to get married? Find the true reason for this before making the final decision.

10. Spend more time with your female friends.

You must create time to hang out with some bunch of friends. Going for shopping, clubbing or lunch,you may possibly miss all the fun when you get married.

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