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Divorce Affair

Opinion: 5 common reasons why marriages fail

Over the years, a lot of marriages have failed within the first 2 years while others still struggle to stay even when all is not well.

Although there’s nothing like a perfect relationship, the union could be sustained when relationship goals are met. If not, it can be uninteresting and frustrating and in many cases may lead to the end of the road for the couples.

On this note, I bring to you the possible causes of failed marriages after 2 years.

1. Failed expectations

Expectations may differ in men and women, especially when they rush into marriage. Some couples embark on the journey even when they don’t seem to be compatible and expect the best but in reality get the worst.

2. Wrong decision 

The worst thing to happen to a person is to choose a wrong life partner due to pressure from family or peer group. You’ll only live to face the consequences of taking hasty decisions or back out in the nearest future.

3. Man's inability to provide

This factor is the common reason for most failed marriages as most women cannot endure a man's inability to provide for his home. It could lead to disrespect and violence in the home. In many cases, it leads to unfaithfulness on the woman path.

4. Adultery

This is also a major factor that leads to broken homes. As stated earlier, adultery from the woman's end may be triggered when the man fails in his duty which is to provide for his home. The woman is likely to give in to pressure from other men when money is involved.

5. Inability to reproduce

This has to be the last reason because most men or their family may endure unfruitfulness for over 2 years of marriage. However, where there’s no fruit of the womb, the man may think of getting a child from another woman. If successful, he may dump his wife and marry the one carrying his baby.


This article may be of help to people who are about to go into marriage. 

However, this is just my opinion, you can send your views too via the comment section below.

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