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This Is Who A Woman Is (Opinion)

A very serious question that people always find hard to answer is: 'Who is a woman'.

Having just a vagina, boobs and hips doesn't make you a woman. Yeah, having the physical feminine characteristics doesn't qualify to being a woman.

So, who is a woman?

- A woman is the one that can feed a man with encouragement and positive ideas.

- A woman is a wealth manager: A woman is not the one that can help a man spend his money alone, but help a man save and Invest for spending.

- A woman is one that does not run her mouth with sarcasm and insult just to prove a point, her words are gracious to the extent that it can heal a broken heart.

- A woman is the one who know when to talk and when to shut up.

- A woman is expensive and has a very good standard.

But, the reverse is the case today. Women don't care about any standard, self value or virtues again.

NOTE: It's not too late, you can still change to become who a woman is supposed to be.

Please, share this message till it reaches every woman out there.

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This Is Who A Woman Is


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