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20 Photos You Can Have Fun With

20. I see no God here. David; you'll when your energy tanks runs out.19. When the remote isn't working, you're like..18. Moses to Pharaoh: Jehovah says let my people go. Pharaoh:17. When your phone is 80% but you plug it in to change anyway.16. When Singers Forget the lyrics at live concert..15. Me: This is not my location nurse, take me back to my mummys Belle or else I won't let go oh..14. When God already told you he/she isn't for you but you try and make it work anyway..13. When a girl decides to feed herself with her own money..12. After seeing my mother's friend who previously asked her to abort me..11. If this man is presented as the winner, imagine how the loser will look like!10. How neighbors watch me and my girlfriend passing by..9. Is this the best place to have fun this December??8. My Bestie after 60 years..7. Caption this when you see it..6. When you finally figured out the passcode to her phone and it's just a matter of time till she falls asleep..5. When you see your crush from across the church..4. Bible: Thou shalt love thy enemies. Me:3. The Lord is testing me and I didn't study2. When the church photographer points the camera in your direction..1. What is this called in your language?

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