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Tips That Might Make Your Relationship More Fulfilling.

A relationship in this sense is a romantic or sexual friendship between two people. There are tips you have to follow to make your relationship a very healthy one. If your relationship is not a healthy one, you might get tired of it, you will not even be glad you are in the relationship. To create a happy-dwelling relationship, follow the tips I will state in this article.

Below are the tips to make your relationship more Fulfilling.

1. Focus on improving your flaws: Do not focus on your partner's flaws rather focus on improving your flaws. It is human nature to point out people's flaws before looking at your own. When there is a disagreement between you and your partner, look within first before looking at the flaws of your partner. If you focus too much on your partner’s flaws, you will end up being judgemental. 

When you are in disagreement with your partner, instead of pointing fingers at her flaws, ask yourself "what am k getting wrong"? " what am I meant to do which I haven't done". Look at yourself for the solution rather than looking at your partner as the problem. Commit today to start focusing on your personal development. Not only will you benefit from this, but also your relationship.

2. Be calm before reacting: Don't react immediately your partner does something that upsets you. Reacting immediately will cause more harm than good. I want you to always remember that if you continue to react negatively towards your partner whenever they upset you, they are more likely to hide anything that will make you upset. I'm sure you don't want a relationship that is based on secrets and lies. So practice the strategy of taking deep breaths and consciously stopping yourself from reacting negatively.

3. Be Curious about your partner: No matter the challenges, always make it a precedent to be Curious about the wellbeing of your partner. Create a time to ask your partner thought-provoking questions, these questions will make you know more about yourselves and at the same time understand yourselves better. 

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