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4 Things Men Find Attractive in Most Women According to Studies

There have been a lot of questions people have continued to ask over the years, one of these types of relationship questions is what do men find attractive in women?

Well a lot of answers have continued to flow in. With some people saying it's a lady's character that draws men to them and others saying it's her facial looks that does the magic.

Well I made some studies and these are the things I found.

1. Facial looks

Well studies say that a ladies facial looks plays a big role in attracting most men her way. A lady who is naturally beautiful in terms of her facial looks is bound to get more suitors coming her way all in the name for her facial looks alone and nothing else.

2. Lips

Some other studies proven that a lady's lips plays the magic in attracting suitors. They believe it is one of the most attractive physical feature of a lady. Most people look out for the lips whenever they glance at a lady.

3. Strong eye contact

Some studies also believe that a lady's attractiveness increases when she has a strong eye contact. Some call it the door to keeping a lovers attention.

4. Beautiful smiles

The beautiful smiles of a lady also has some ways to increase a lady's attractiveness. Those studies believe that men are drawn to ladies who smile a lot.

Writer opinion

These points might have some truth in them but the heart loves what it sees. Some men still fall for ladies who don't pose any of these character or pose just a few.

It all depends on the suitors feeling and not any of these features according to my view.


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