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Did you know a woman was the most powerful pirate to have ever lived.

Speaking of great men, we have heard of Alexander de great, Achilles and Aristotle but we hardly heard of women, in this article, we will be taking a look at a woman who was the most feared female of her time and rained down terror upon man Asian empires. 

Her name is Ching Shih and she first started up as a prostitute, she was later married by a commander of a fleet who at first bought her and began to fall in love with her. He then soon assigned her to the post of pirate in his own great ship. When her husband kicked the bucket, due to her works and how she had earned respect of many pirates, she became the next captain. 

She acquired over 300 ships and had over 40, 000 man power. She was feared by many empires in China at that time and is the greatest pirate ever lived.

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