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Fiction: How I was Embarrassed in the Presence of my Crush

It was a rainy season and had been raining for more than a week, so much rain that it made everyday so restless and gloomy. I needed to pick few things at a nearby supermarket, so I dressed up nicely, looking hot in my jeans and fine top. I had a crush who had being disturbing me in my area and each time he approaches me, I always turned him down.

After shopping, on my way back, I was blushing as people in the area were greeting me and immediately I sighted my crush with two of his friends infront of his house, I changed my steppings.

I was feeling on top of the world, smiling inside of me not knowing that I would later cry home. There was a small river with a wooden bridge very close to my crush house.

I passed through the bridge on my way to the supermarket without any problem but as I climbed the bridge on my way back, I missed my steps and slipped, before I knew what was happening, I landed in the river. It was like a dream.

"Please help me ooo, I can't swim, please don't let me die", I screamed on top of my voice. My cry for help attracted the attention of my crush and his friends, and other people in the area so they ran towards me to help because the water was flowing and carrying me along. It was such a scary experience.

They finally helped me out and when I came out, my bags (containing everything I bought at the supermarket) was missing and one leg of my shoes. I wished the ground would open and swallow me at that moment. I was ashamed of myself. I could not look up , I just heard people around saying "Sister sorry ooo". I didn't respond, tears made it's way down to my cheeks freely. I covered my face in shame.

My crush offered to take me home but out of shame, I turned his offer down, I later took a bike to my house (though my house was not far but I couldn't walk home).When I got home, my siblings and my parents almost ran away from me because I looked like someone who just ran mad.

Shame did not allow me to pass that area for some months.

It was such an embarrassing experience that I will never forget.

Pictures used are just for illustrations.

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